Steal Suki Waterhouse’s Brilliant DIY Skin-Exfoliating Hack

Steal Suki Waterhouse’s Brilliant DIY Skin-Exfoliating Hack
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With everyone spilling their beauty secrets online, it can be hard to come by ones that actually work. Yet, 25 year-old actress Suki Waterhouse— and new face of French beauty brand, Laura Mercier— just stunned us with her go-to beauty hack.


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Anyone with dry skin can attest to the frustration of testing different methods for a clear and refreshed complexion. Our body is constantly producing new skin cells, which means the old, dead ones get pushed to the forefront and sometimes cause acne. So, how do you clear up those dead cells and make room for healthy ones to grow?

Enter Waterhouse, who told Harper’s Bazaar in a recent interview that she keeps baking soda in her purse for facial emergencies. To create the homemade exfoliator, she suggests mixing “a tiny bit of baking soda into your moisturizer and then you mush it all in and wash it off.”

In addition to its abrasive qualities, baking soda’s moisturizing properties also aid in calming irritated skin. But don’t go baking-soda-crazy, warns Waterhouse; “I don’t do it very often at all, maybe once a month?” Constant exfoliation can damage skin more than heal it, so try not to overdo it. Alternatively, there are a host of exfoliating products that also cater to specific skin types (e.g. gentle exfoliators for sensitive skin).

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But when you’re on-the-go or your skin could use a serious stripping, Waterhouse’s time- and money-saving trick could be your best friend. With skin like hers, I think we’ll take her word for it and try this next time we’re in a bind.

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