StyloNY Brings the (Budget-Friendly) Salon to You


While finding a top stylist in NYC has never been much of a problem, finding one who is affordable–and makes house calls–is more difficult (unless, of course, you are Paris Hilton, in which case this entire article is moot). StyloNY is changing that.

Developed by Giulia Heiman, former senior stylist at Ted Gibson, and internet entrepreneur Tuval Mor, StyloNY brings the salon experience to you, no matter your schedule or your budget. The site provides stylists’ resumes, portfolios, and pricing information, as well as client testimonials. You can peruse StyloNY’s database of freelance stylists to find the perfect person for your needs. Plus StyloNY eliminates agency and salon charges, allowing stylists to charge the lowest possible price for their services.

Simply log on, create a profile, and book your perfect stylist at your desired location, in real time. It doesn’t get much easier (or more glamorous) than that. Visit