How To Style Your Half Grown-Out Bangs

Sable Yong

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Growing out your bangs is a PAIN. We don’t have to tell you that. If your forehead is seeking some time in the sun though, you’ve just got to suffer through it. Yes, there’s that period when your bangs are just long enough to graze your lashes, giving you a cool and mysterious look, but what happens when the hairs are actually obstructing your vision or poking you in your eyes? When it gets to the point when bangs are too long to see but not long enough to tuck behind your ears, it takes all kinds of coiffing to get them out of your face in a nice-looking way.

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This is probably the sweet spot of the “grown-out bangs” look. This very Jane Birkin-esque way to wear your bangs looks so boho-chic though… if you can stand that constant flicking of hair out of your eyes. Bonus perk? You don’t have to really worry about grooming your brows while they’re safely concealed behind this curtain of hair fringe. This requires minimal effort, but a bit of flexible styling cream or paste to finger-comb through will give your bangs that perfectly mussed-up separation.  You’ve got to see somehow, so you may as well make hair product aid in that.

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When bangs have reached tippy-toe length where they’re SO close to reaching your ears but alas, just can’t wrap around the back of it, you can break out the hair clips. This is a great excuse for hair ornaments, since a pretty pin is all your look needs to make a statement. It helps if you blow-dry your bangs to one side, to train them to go that way, while hair-spraying it down and clipping. Problem solved!

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The headband is an obvious choice, but if you want to shy away from those thick elastic bands and go for something more minimal and thin, you may need some help smoothing the shorter front pieces that may want to stick upwards behind the band. It helps a lot to start with a wet hair. Apply a hair oil if you have fine hair or a tiny bit of gel/pomade for thicker hair. The trick is to brush it in so it doesn’t have that glossy gelled look. Comb hair back and follow with a headband, pushing back to the point there the ends almost reach. You can hairspray if you find fly-aways particularly offensive, but the styling products you prepped with should do the trick.

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The 90s are back, if Kylie Jenner‘s look is any indication. This is great news for us, since it means fun hair accessories are also making a comeback. The pinned-back middle part is a really easy way to wear your hair down and simultaneously keep it out of your face. Also, it looks real cute.

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Finally, the actual point-of-no-return is when your bangs seem to shrink in width and frame your face just how any layers cut into your hair would. This is a gradual process that involves letting your bangs grow out starting from the widest points framing your face and keeping the middle portion a bit shorter, so you can slowly start pushing your hair to the sides of your face. You end up with a pretty face-framing look and half-concealed baby hairs that look more and more like “accent” hairs rather than full-on bangs.

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