The Strange (But Genius!) Styling Trick That Will Give You Perfect Bangs

Victoria Moorhouse
dakota johnson bangs

Photo: FayesVision/

Getting bangs to do what you want can be a difficult prospect—but it shouldn’t take a gallon of hairspray to pull it off. Too much hairspray can have even the most dedicated fringe-lover reaching for a headband. The last thing you want is for them to look shellacked or wet—or worse, oily and greasy.

According to celebrity hairstylist Marc Townsend (who works with ladies like Elizabeth Olsen and our all-time bangs hero Dakota Johnson), the secret to a good hair day is stepping away from the major hairspray. He told us that our bangs should have movement, which means you don’t want them looking frozen in place.

Some of this is because of the more modern cuts we’re getting. “We’re not seeing the fringe from the ‘90s where it’s so straight across,” he says. “These are really choppy, piece-y bangs. You almost want them to blend in sometimes with the rest of your hair.” And that look doesn’t work with a hardcore, lacquered-down fringe at all.

So what’s a girl to do when she has a few fly-aways that just won’t quit? You can still use hairspray; you just have to be smart about how you apply it.

Marc recommends applying a flexible-hold hairspray to a disposable mascara wand or a natural bristle toothbrush and lightly brushing down what needs to be touched-up. “It’s more about only getting the product where you need it,” he explains. “Instead of spraying it all over, you just push down and hold what needs fixing.”

And if flyaways aren’t the problem? Skip the spray altogether. Marc told us that in most cases, he tames fringes with that product we all know and love: dry shampoo. Not only will it help soak up any oils, it also provides light and flexible hold. “Most of the time, dry shampoo will hold bangs in place better than hairspray ever will,” he explains.

If this helps keep our fringe looking half as good as Dakota’s does, we’re prepared to live and die by this advice.

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