5 Different Styles of Braids for You to Try Now

Rachel Krause


It’s a fact well-documented: We are all about braids, braids, braids. No matter how difficult or how unusual, there’s no braided hairstyle we’ll ever cross of our list of things to try. With that said, it can be far too easy to fall into a hair rut, which is why we’ve rounded up these five simple, super versatile styles of braids for you to try your hand at. With these key looks in your arsenal, you’ll never have to feel “meh” about your hairstyle again.

The Inverted French Braid
The standard French braid is classicand always a good bet, of coursebut unless you’re wearing it a little messy, it can err on the side of looking a little formal. The inverted version, also known as a Dutch braid, uses the same technique to create a cool textured look that’s a little edgier and more unique than your usual French. Here’s the difference: Rather than crossing three strands over one another, you cross them under. The result looks incredibly intricate, but if you’ve already mastered the French braid (and here’s how to do it), it really couldn’t be easier.

The Milkmaid Braid
You don’t have to be Heidi to rock the milkmaid braid like a champ. Though it certainly looks like something you could only accomplish if you had tons of spare time to waste herding goats in the mountains, it’s actually one of the simplest braids of all. All you have to do is part your hair down the center to create two equal sides, then braid each side and criss-cross them over one another at the top of your head. Pin in place, and you’re good to go.

The Braided Updo
There are many incarnations that fall under the umbrella of “braided updo,” but our personal favorite right now (and, okay, maybe always) is a straightforward version that works just like the milkmaid braid, except with two braids wrapped around the back of the head rather than on top. Simply follow the same technique, then pin the braids in place at the nape of your neck.

The Headband Braid
The headband braid may be a little more difficult than the other styles of braids on this list, but once you’ve mastered it, it’ll become your go-to hairstyle for any and all less-than-perfect hair days. Take a section of hair from behind one ear and separate it into three strands, then continue to braid as a normal three-strand braid, adding in strands as you go along. And it’s especially great for securing unruly bangs!

The Accent Braid
The magic of the accent braid is that, well, any type of braid can be an accent braid. Woven along your hairline, tucked into the rest of your hair, tucked behind your ear, what have youthe small, subtle accent braid is super easy to pull off and can work in conjunction with any hairstyle. That’s what makes it the look to try.

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