StyleCaster Team Reminisces on Their First Foray Into Beauty

Amanda Elser
StyleCaster Team Reminisces on Their First Foray Into Beauty
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You’d be surprised at the different topics that come up when we have a bit of down time in the StyleCaster offices — especially during the holiday news slump. From milkshakes to body piercings, we’ve pretty much covered it all.But when I asked our team what their first beauty products were, some of them had a hard time conjuring up memories that they seemingly blocked out of their memory, while others (like myself) vividly recall every detail of their first venture into awkward applications.

Check out our slideshow above to see our first beauty products and be sure to leave yours in the comments below!

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I mean, who doesn't remember Clinique Happy? (I'll admit I still have a bottle under my bathroom sink) 

Lifestyle Editor Jessica Rubin recalls dousing herself in this iconic scent in her early years. 

Also a former favorite of mine. It's no shocker that many of us first toyed with beauty through Bonne Bell Lip Smackers.

Content Director Summer Krecke didn't hesitate at all when I posed the question to her, Bonne Bell was always her go-to, especially the yummy tins of strawberry and cherry.

Fashion Editor Liz Doupnik said she had to make her first beauty purchase on her own since neither her mother or sister wore makeup. Her pick? Wet n' Wild nail polish... obviously (no big shocker considering her sis was heavy into punk way back in the day).

I didn't think to ask our lovely JTM Corey Kindberg what his favorite beauty product was growing up since he's a boy and all, but I should have known better given his divalish tendencies. 

Corey said his favorite was Cherry Chapstick -- at least it was before his mom took it away from him for eating it. 

This wasn't the exact version that Experience Producer Megan Branch remembers from childhood, but it was the best I could find since the Bonne Bell Powder that she fondly remembers doesn't seem to be made anymore. 

She especially recalls pink packaging... 

Communications Manager Meghan Cross' first beauty product was actually a liquid glitter from The Limited Too. But when that product made her break out in an allergic reaction, her mom made her buy hypoallergenic nude makeup palettes from Clinique and Bobbi Brown. I say definite upgrade from a rashy and red complexion.

If my sister ever wondered what happened to all of her Clinique compact foundations, she now knows the truth. Yup, I used to take these things like candy and cover up my prepubescent skin...what was I thinking?

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