Phew! This New Study Says Texting is Actually Good For Your Brain

Finally, there’s a study that won’t give you the guilts about texting constantly on your mobile phone.

It’s rare that science is on the same side as cell phone companies—smartphones have, after all, been labeled anti-social to addictive, and we even blame ’em for causing cancer—mobile phones might not be all bad. In fact new research has found that texting is actually enhancing the part of your brain that’s connected to your thumb,

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So, how did researchers come to this finding? Current Biology published the study, which hooked a group of text-a-holics up to EEG machines, and monitored activity in a part of their brain called the sensorimotor cortices. It found that the more a smartphone was used, the greater the signal to the brain. The study reports that this correlation was strongest “in the area that represented the thumb.”

This is kind of amazing to hear, because if we’re completely honest, we really weren’t planning on slowing down on the texting any time soon.

So go forth and text—you’re just super-sizing those sensorimotor cortices of yours.

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