Beauty Buzz: A Study Reports Some SPFs Might Not Be Working, How Aromatherapy Works, More

Victoria Moorhouse
Image Source / Getty Images

Image Source / Getty Images

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1. According to a recent ‘Consumers Reports’ study, some sunscreens aren’t providing the SPF protection their bottle claims. However, one expert says that doesn’t definitely mean your sunscreen isn’t working. It may have something to do with the way it’s being applied to the skin. []

2. Want to know how aromatherapy really works? [Daily Makeover]

3. Etsy isn’t just your one-stop-shop for that totally thoughtful bday present—turns out, you can find quite a few interesting beauty products on the site, too. [Refinery 29]

4. Olivia Palermo walks through the “science” behind one super pretty wavy ‘do she recently wore. [Harper’s Bazaar]

5. Kesha‘s great love for nail art once had her wearing a mani with 3-D flowers on her fingers. Sounds pretty amazing. [Vogue]