Strong Buns At Tony Cohen

Megan McIntyre
Fashion Week Spring 2010 Tony Cohen hair

Slicking back a model’s hair and the final look.
Photos: Nathan Bush

Usually when you think of buns you think of soft, graceful and elegant. The hairstyle I created backstage for the Tony Cohen Spring 2010 fashion show was the total opposite: strong, sophisticated and edgy.

There’s been a definite shift in the fashion world over the past few seasons; I feel like women right now desire clothes that are stronger and that make more of a statement. The same holds true for their hair. That explains why there were so many textured and slicked back looks this season.

Fashion Week Spring 2010 Tony Cohen buns

The view from the back.
Photos: Nathan Bush

For Tony Cohen, I wanted to make a bun that was slightly more architectural in design, something that was more special and spectacular. I took lots of Fix It Gel (and I mean A LOT) and applied it to the hair, brushing it back to create a slick, shiny, almost wet effect. I pulled hair into a ponytail, then twisted it in on itself creating a coil that was then pinned and place.

To add the “wow” factor, I grabbed some hair pins and began to insert them haphazardly around the bun, pushing them only partway in so they were very visible, adding that structural effect to the look. I then sprayed the whole thing with Beautiful Hold Hairspray to keep it all in place.

It’s definitely a statement look and sexy all the way. What do you think?

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