Stress-Relief Skincare That We All Could Use

Rachel Nussbaum

Shiseido Ibuki

As the media’s well-documented, today’s young women are under more stress than perhaps ever before. Between leaning in and living like you’re young, it’s a lot to handle–but the industry’s on it. New skin care products claiming to fight stress and its side effects are hitting shelves, and if they’re as good as they sound, the skin care market may have found their way into a huge new demographic.

Most twenty-somethings don’t go for anti-aging claims, one of the skin care industry’s major persuasions, and it makes sense—anything that’ll need undoing is still being done, and the big bads are genetics, sun exposure and, wait for it, stress. So while science is still chugging on genetics and sunscreen’s got sun exposure pretty covered, the new stress-relief products, like Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer and Shiseido’s soon-to-be-released Ibuki line, are here to nip that final factor in the bud.

Though it’s not like stress is anything new, it’s probably one of the biggest problems facing women still outside the anti-aging demographic. In fact, it seems like a millenials’ market—with unpaid internships, retail jobs and student loan night terrors galore, stress is the pal who’s always there. Yet smartly, that’s not a hard limit; it feels like you’re doing something wrong if you’re not stressed these days, so even without anti-aging benefits, people will probably still buy it if it fits their needs.

On to the products: aiming to ease the long-term and immediate after-effects of stress, Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer claims to “reduce the visible signs of stress on skin – skin fatigue, de-hydration, blotchiness and redness.” Similarly, Shiseido’s Ibuki line (which features seven skin products) works with botanical extracts to promote a healthy cell cycle and target those after effects of both internal and external stresses. We’re sure everyone’s familiar with the skin situation after a long night working, and the above describes it to a “T”: dry skin, dark circles, all of the bad things that usually follow a fun night out, without any of the fun.

We’ve tried them both over the last few months, and it’s safe to say that this is going to be a major score for the industry. While we are a sucker for instant gratification, we noticed results after two weeks of study use.  And in the event that it’s just a chicken-egg situation and we’re stressing over how stressed our skin looks, hey, placebos sometimes help too.

Shiseido Ibuki available on September 2013 and Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer available at

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