The Best Haircuts For Straight Hair

haircuts for straight hair

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We all know some curly-haired girls who can’t live without their flat irons, but for those of us with naturally straight hair, we realize there’s a fine line between gorgeously pin-straight and lifeless and limp. The key is finding the right cut to add body and movement to even the finest of hair. Whether you want to join the pixie bandwagon or add a few layers, we’ve got the cut for you. Read on to see the best haircuts for straight hair!

Going short is simple for straight-haired ladies because the cut can give hair a shape — no matter how fine. For a simple pixie, à la Anne Hathaway, request about an inch of hair on top. This allows styling options as well as letting the hair fall naturally without any maintenance. For a more feminine look, request long bangs in front like Michelle Williams. Or take it in the opposite direction with a half shaved look like Coco Rocha!

For a cut around the shoulders, go blunt, add layers, don some bangs — the options are endless. Thick hair will look healthy with a blunt asymmetrical cut like Brittany Snow‘s. For thinner hair, request a cut with angles or layers, like Claire Danes‘s. For a sleeker finish, add bangs and subtle angling around the face. Kerry’s Washington‘s cut not only adds movement to her hair but also opens up her oval face shape.

For those who want to hold onto length, their hair must (at least) look healthy. This means a high-shine without split ends. A cut like Mila Kunis‘s, with only layers in front and a blunt cut throughout the rest, doesn’t look stringy because her hair isn’t damaged. For hair on the thicker side, you can get away with simple long layers throughout, similar to Amanda Seyfried‘s style. But for those with finer hair, you want to add body! A cut with side bangs that’s angled in the front, like Nina Dobrev‘s long layers, makes her hair appear fuller. With that kind of movement, you won’t even need a bouncy blowout—although, how could you say no?

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