Straight from the Philippines, Virgin Coconut Oil Soap


New to the United States from the Philippines, Santa Maria Virgin Coconut Oil Soap is pure, unrefined, and unbleached. It has no preservatives, chemicals, artificial scents, or colors. Unlike other coconut oil-based soaps, however, it uses a unique cold processing in order to retain all of its micro-nutrients, short and medium fatty acids, vitamins A, C and vitamin E, which can be compromised if heated. This allows the coconut oil in the soap to be absorbed more quickly by the skin, gives the product a longer shelf life, and leaves the skin with a mild coconut aroma.

Available in three variations, all are completely natural as well as high in natural glycerin and lauric to soften and moisturize skin: The Mild Soap contains natural alum, which acts as a deodorant and antiperspirant, as well as lavender for its relaxing, soothing, and healing properties; the Pineapple Strawberry Soap is formulated with pineapple to exfoliate, strawberry for its anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties and to protect skin elasticity; while the Avocado Papaya Soap has avocado oil to moisturize and papaya fruit enzymes to help exfoliate dry skin.

Santa Maria Virgin Coconut Oil Soap, $1.72 each (shipping, approximately $30), at