Steven Rojas on The Secret to a Great Party, His Top Spring Look

Laurel Pinson

Steven Rojas has the kind of career that most people would envy: As Social Media and Promotions Director of GrandLife Hotels, Rojas manages all the hotel group’s digital platforms and also spearheads the company’s big events—right down to the right guest list. In a nutshell, he’s paid to party with the cool kids.

He invited the Unexpected Insider, Orly Shani, for a private tour of one of the GrandLife’s most impressive hotels in New York City, the Soho Grand (wearing a three-piece suite, naturally). Rojas whisked the crew upstairs to one of the hotel’s most luxurious penthouse suites, which featured an antique bar, a library stocked with art books, and a roof deck that most New Yorkers residents would kill for. There, Rojas gave Orly the inside scoop on the world of Grandlife’s nightlife, from who he invites to what you should wear.

It is Rojas’ savvy when it comes to picking the next It-girl or social butterfly that makes him a prized commodity in the industry, and yet his biggest tip on how to make it is a simple one: “Be genuine.”

Try the Trend! In this episode of The Unexpected Insider, Rojas reveals how much he loves a girl who can mix prints in her wardrobe—a look that has been gaining serious momentum both on the runway and on the sidewalks of New York.

Getting the look is easier than you think! Sometimes it’s the most unconventional combinations that prove the most consistently stylish, and it takes a bit of experimentation (and bravery!) to play with the pieces in your closet and see what goes best together. The key when mixing prints is to keep the palette consistent—whether it’s jewel tones or neutral shades—and then play with contrasting patterns and textures. To start off, try pulling a slew of separates from your closet that all have the same color family—even black, gray, and white, for those who are color-averse—and then start putting combinations together to see what you like. Then, think about combining something graphic (say, a sharp navy stripe) with something softer (like a watercolor-inspired floral). The key is to think about your wardrobe in new and exciting ways, and, of course, to have fun!