Stem Cell Skincare


Lancôme’s newest skin care line is shooting skincare into a seriously scientific stratosphere. With stem cells at its core, Lancôme’s Absolue Precious Cells is hoping to bring the regenerating benefits of these unspecified, self-renewing, super-cells to our skin’s surface.

While the number of stem cells in our bodies doesn’t decrease with age, our skin nevertheless loses its ability to regenerate which, Lancôme hopes, this new line of creams will change by infusing our skin directly with new stem cells. The line is also formulated with their Basal-Reconstruction System complex, based on cells from the fruit of the Malus domestica tree, and Proxy-Lane, L’Oreal’s patented anti-aging molecule. Targeting women in their 50s, Absolue Precious Cells is intended to restore the environment surrounding stem cells to their younger condition, which, Lancôme claims, allows stem cells and their daughter cells, to proliferate and thus to increase the density of the skin. According to Lancôme, visible improvement can be seen in about 28 days with marked improvement (20 to 30 percent) in numerous signs of aging in about two months.

According to WWD, Absolue Precious Cells will debut in most markets in September. It will be launched in the U.S. in October and in Asia in January.

Absolue Precious Cells’ Day Cream with SPF 15, $145; Night Cream, $145; Eye Cream, $95.