Stella McCartney Resort 2012: Bare-Faced Beauty


Stella McCartney presented her Resort 2012 collection yesterday afternoon in the sun-drenched St. Luke’s Garden in the West Village, and the atmosphere lent itself perfectly to the fresh-faced, natural beauty looks that accompanied the collection. Since the makeup was so bare, the main focus was on the skin, and skincare guru Sunday Riley was on hand to prep the models’ faces before the MAC team took over.

“The makeup is all about the skin which is fantastic,” Sunday told us. “It’s really hot and the show is outside, so what we’re doing is washing the girl’s faces with Ceramic Slip which will help them remove their makeup. Then we are putting skin adrenaline on top of the skin. We are basically giving them something with lipids that won’t be too oily and will even the skin out. Next, we use Stimulant 1 that uses stem cells from plants to reduce the fine lines around their eyes, which is perfect in the summer when we often have dehydration lines.”

Once Sunday was finished, Luc Bouchard of MAC took over, but kept the models’ faces as clean as he could. “They have such beautiful skin so we’re just using a simple base foundation, black cream eyeliner on top, lashes done just toned up, and the rest is just them and their natural glow. These girls are fantastic looking anyway, so it’s just very simple and natural looking.” For a bit of moisturizing color on the lip, Bouchard recommends MAC tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink.

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The last step was the hair, and the loose waves were so undone, it was difficult to decipher which girls’ hair was finished and whose wasn’t. Travis Speck of Bumble & Bumble was the lead stylist, and he made an effort to keep the look soft and natural. “It’s hair that’s a little bit lived in, which I think makes it look a bit more modern and fresh. The idea is not to make it look too pretty.”

To create the Stella style at home, use the Prep spray to weigh down the hair and then we use Thickening spray to add texture. As a final step, mist the hair with Surf Spray and blow it in. “We were almost using their natural texture but smoothing it out a bit,” explained Speck. “Then we used a large curling iron to create some more texture.”

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