The Cheap Moisturizer This Victoria’s Secret Model Swears by for Glowing Skin

The Cheap Moisturizer This Victoria’s Secret Model Swears by for Glowing Skin
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OK, I know—most of the time, a supermodel’s skin-care routine involves insanely luxurious and over-the-top products, like liquid gold facials and diamond-infused serums, at least according to what we see on Instagram. But, every now and again, one of them throws us mere (albeit equally awesome, though significantly shorter) mortals a bone, and admits that their dewy, seemingly perfect complexions are the result of cheap, grocery store-brand products, and not frequent trips to the Fountain of Youth. And the latest model to drop this knowledge on my brain? Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, who swears by Whole Foods products for her smooth-as-hell skin. Yup.

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I recently found myself interviewing the 26-year-old model at an event for the latest Victoria’s Secret collection release. While rattling off her beauty and fitness routine (these are, of course, the things people want to talk about when you look like Maxwell), she began discussing her face, saying “my skin is quite dry, so I like to use products that are moisturizing,” which, OK, no shock there. But then, just as I expected her to drop the name of some insanely pricey La Mer crème—or a $225 tube of Prevage Daily Serum, perhaps—Maxwell casually mentioned the $19 tube of Weleda Skin Food that she slathers on her skin day and night. And yes, she buys it at Whole Foods.

Sure, I’ve heard of Weleda before, but never in a cult-favorite, oh-my-god-try-this way. Which is a damn shame, considering the fact that, upon some quick research, the face-and-body moisturizer has hundreds of obsessive reviews online from people who swear by the chamomile and calendula-infused moisturizer for making their skin glow with the light of one-million moons. Plus, it’s completely natural, using rosemary extract and sweet almond oil to work its non-toxic magic, so it’s safe for even the most natural of beauty lovers.


weleda skin food The Cheap Moisturizer This Victoria’s Secret Model Swears by for Glowing Skin

Photo: Weleda


But lest you think Weleda is the only affordable product Maxwell uses, she also mentioned to me that she keeps Heritage Store Rosewater Spray on hand during the day to offset dryness (“I like to use rose water; like, the mist is really good,” she said of the oil-and alcohol-free formula), as well as double face masking whenever she can, using either a sheet mask with an eye mask, or two sheet masks in a row. “Sometimes, I’ll put the eye mask [on first] and then put a face mask over it,” said Maxwell. “Even before the Vanity Fair [after party for the Oscars], I did two facemasks, putting one on top of another. I just laid on the couch and let it marinate.”

And there you have it—a supermodel’s not-so-secret lineup of skin-saving products. Though we can’t promise you’ll be any closer to looking like a Victoria’s Secret model after trying Maxwell’s Whole Foods buys, we can say that with these kind of prices, you might have enough cash leftover to try a gold facial. Maybe.

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