Steal Carrie Underwood’s Beauty Secrets!


Carrie Underwood. Photo: Theo Wargo, WireImage

There’s no denying that Carrie Underwood is stunning. From her sexy hair to her flawless skin, she always looks amazing on the red carpet. So it’s no surprise that Olay chose the country music darling as their very first brand ambassador. “I’m really excited about this partnership because I do feel like Olay is a brand that people trust they’ve been around for over 50 years for a good reason,” says Carrie.

While Carrie is always at the top of our most gorgeous celebrities list, her beauty routine is surprisingly simple. “Nothing beats good cleansing and moisturizing. It doesn’t have to be complicated you don’t need 50 different things in your medicine cabinet. A good cleanser and a moisturizer with a sunscreen in it and you’re good to go,” she says.

The busy country singer also likes to keep her primping time down to a minimum by using products that multitask like the Olay Total Effects line and their revamped Daily Facials cleansing cloths (available in 2011). “If you buy an eye makeup remover, it’s always too oily or it stings. They don’t do the trick and the Daily Facials get eye makeup off like awesome,” she says.

What’s her go-to makeup look when she doesn’t have an army of pros getting her ready? A sultry, smoky eye, but if time doesn’t permit a lot of primping, she’ll just layer on the mascara. “Sometimes you can skip a lot if you just go straight to the mascara. I feel naked if I don’t have mascara on. I know some people feel that way about lip gloss, but I’m a mascara girl. A little bronzer with mascara and you are good to go I can be ready in like five minutes.”

Carrie also recently discovered makeup primers and since then has been obsessed with them. “I never thought I’d be a big primer person. I was like ‘that’s something the makeup companies are just making up and it’s going to give me one more step’. I just do the cleansing and the moisturizing and then primer and I don’t even need to use foundation any more because it makes everything smoosh together really nice.”

We couldn’t walk away without getting some hair tips from Carrie her fabulous hairstyles are extremely popular in the Makeover Studio. “In a photo shoot, their objective is to make your hair look awesome, but sometimes your hair suffers in the process, so I really love a good hair mask. Moroccanoil and Rusk have some great ones. Find something that’s really good and moisturizing and one night a week just soak and put that on there and leave it on there for a bit the longer you leave it on, the better it works.”

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