How to Wear Statement Makeup for Your Wedding—Without Regretting It

Wendy Rodewald
Wendy practicing wedding makeup

Me practicing my wedding makeup.
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Most of the advice you hear when planning your wedding day look is to keep everything “classic” — but what if your personal style is a little less traditional?

That was the conundrum I faced leading up to my own wedding last month in New York. As soon as I picked out my nontraditional black and white dress (a 3.1 Phillip Lim number that wasn’t designed as a wedding gown), I knew I wanted to make a statement with my makeup. But how to choose a look that wouldn’t feel dated in photos five years down the line while still satisfying my inner beauty editor’s urge to be on-trend?

To figure it out, I did what any makeup obsessive would do: I pulled inspiration from Pinterest, then sat down with a bunch of products and played. My friends from were there to document the process, which you can check out on their website today.

As soon as I applied the deep, purplish berry lip color, I knew I’d found the statement I’d been dreaming of. On the big day, I asked my makeup artist to recreate the look I’d practiced. The purple lip was more trendy than a classic red or nude would have been, but I have a feeling it will look as great in photos a few years down the line as it did that day. The shade even ended up coordinating perfectly with my fall bouquet!

Wedding makeup

My wedding makeup — the pro version.

The moral of the story? Don’t feel like you need to fit a certain “bridal” mold for your walk down the aisle. Your day, your style. You won’t regret it!

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