Beauty Products, Makeup Tricks, and Drugstore Gems the Women of ‘Power’ Are Obsessed With

'Power' girls Naturi Naughton, Lela Loren and La La Anthony (Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

‘Power’ girls Naturi Naughton, Lela Loren, and La La Anthony (Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Countless television dramas are set in New York City, but few manage to nail the city’s intangible mix of grit and glamour quite like Power.”

The Starz hit—which follows a handsome, successful, powerful Manhattan nightclub owner leading a double life as a drug kingpin—is gearing up for its third season this summer, with a cast and crew led by women of color who believe strength and authenticity are of the utmost importance in every aspect of the show, down to the fashion and beauty choices.

“I’ve been with the show since its conceptual phase, when no one was even cast yet,” says lead makeup artist and industry veteran Anita Patrickson. “At the beginning, it was just [creator] Courtney [Kemp Agboh] and I trading makeup secrets because she loves beauty. From there, we had meetings on how we wanted each character to look. And now it’s Season 3, and we’re really still as committed to using makeup to portray different shifts and emotions.”

We caught up with the leading ladies of “Power”Naturi NaughtonLela Loren, and La La Anthony—to hear from them about their go-to beauty products, on-set secrets, and the one thing they can’t leave CVS without.

On 'Power," Naughton plays Tasha, the street smart wife of a kingpin. (Starz)

On ‘Power,’ Naughton plays Tasha, the street-smart wife of a kingpin. (Starz)

Naturi Naughton

What products are you obsessed with right now?
Dermalogica as a brand is always a go-to for me. I use everything they have from the toner to the cleanser to the moisturizer, and I feel like it really refreshes my face. We use it on set. I’m also obsessed with ORS and Carol’s Daughter when it comes to hair. Both of those brands make me feel like my hair is really being nurtured and moisturized. And as a black woman, I love using products I know were made with me in mind.

What’s your go-to beauty move for really bringing a look home?
I love MAC. Their lipsticks are the best. Ruby Woo is my favorite, and after all this time I still cannot put that down. Whenever I do a red lip, just know it’ll always be Ruby Woo.

You walk into CVS—what’s the product you’re not leaving without?
I’m really big on makeup wipes, and I live for Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Makeup Remover: They’re essentials for me because I wear so much makeup on the show.

What’s the best beauty trick you learned on-set?
Our makeup artist, Anita, makes me look and feel amazing. She’s taught me about contouring, which is something I never knew how to do before. Watching her, asking questions, and learning how to give your face dimension and structure has helped me to look more mature on the show. And learning how to use a brush has also been so important. The power of a brush and how it blends everything … skin is everything. You can have every product in the world, eyes done to perfection, and lashes, but if your skin isn’t right? Nothing else will work.

Who’s your personal beauty icon?
I love how Beyoncé’s beauty has evolved and continues to do so. She really inspires me and is everything right now.

What’s next for you?
Right now, I’m just auditioning and getting back into music. I’m excited to be back in the studio, recording.

lela power

Loren plays gun-toting federal prosecutor Angela Valdes, who’s also ‘the other woman.’ (Starz)

Lela Loren

What’s one product you hope never (ever!) gets discontinued?
I have dark pigment underneath my eyes which is hereditary, so I love Amazing Concealer. I just need a little bit, but I mix two colors together: tan and medium. It covers the pigment and absorbs into my skin, so it doesn’t get grainy.

What are your go-to products for really bringing a look home?
I love a great cream blush, so Stila [Convertible Color] is my go-to for that. I also love Tarte’s cheek stain, great lashes, and soft lips.

You walk into CVS—what’s the product you’re not leaving without?
Aquaphor is amazing. I coat my entire face with it in the winter, and it totally saves my skin from its normal dryness.

What’s the most valuable beauty trick you’ve learned on set?
You cannot “beat” my face: I look crazy with so much makeup! So I literally need to do reverse contouring, as my angles are so strong. I’ve learned how to soften everything and to do a fab but simple face.

Who are your personal beauty icons?
Monica Bellucci, Isabella Rossellini, Sophie Marceau, Ines Sastre, Penelope CruzMadeleine Stowe: too many to count!

What’s next for you?
I’m auditioning a ton, so I’m hoping to work on another project along with “Power” very soon.

Anthony, right, plays LaKeisha, the childhood best friend of Tasha. (Myles Aronowitz/Starz)

Anthony plays LaKeisha, the childhood best friend of Tasha. (Myles Aronowitz/Starz)

La La Anthony

Name the number-one beauty product you absolutely cannot survive without.
I have my own makeup line—Motives for LaLa—so I work really hard to make products I love and wear with all my collections. I’m all about body bronzer that you can wear everywhere. I’m very simple when it comes to what I like. I’m of the mind-set that less is more, and that works for my skin. I’m also a mom, so I’m the girl who carries around wipes in her handbag.

You walk into CVS—what’s the one product you don’t leave without?
I love coconut oil and any kind of body exfoliator. I love stocking up on those scrubbing gloves at the drugstore.

What’s been the best beauty trick you learned on set?
To be able to move quickly. If they want you in 10 minutes, you have to be ready, so you don’t get to go through all the beauty steps you normally would: There’s no “primer first” mind-set some days! I learned how to do a quick face because sometimes the makeup artists are occupied.

Who’s your personal beauty icon and why?
I feel like Halle Berry can do no wrong. She’s perfect, and I love who she is as a person as well. She’s an amazing spirit.

What’s next for you?
On Sunday, the play I’m producing, “Eclipsed,” opens on Broadway. I’m super excited and nervous, but I’m confident it will go really well.