How The SRSLY Girls Are Breaking The Rules of Comedy

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If you haven’t heard of Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson, aka The SRSLY Girls, get ready to spend the next hour of your life watching every one of their hilariously insightful videos.  They are part of a generation of trailblazing women who are changing the way comedy is written, produced, and distributed to an audience thirsting for laughs.  Their goal? Write and showcase things in life that they find utterly hilarious.  “We just wanted to make something that we wanted to watch, that made us laugh, and that girls would recognize parts of themselves in” Alex told us.   Through their openness, sense of adventure, and creative resourcefulness, Gibson and Fiber have paved a way for young women to thrive in the wide world of webisodes.

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They also set a remarkable example of how working together can push their individual ideas to unprecedented levels.  “Even when we disagree on things, we can be very honest with each other,” Danielle shared as she explains the SRSLY process.  “In a great relationship of any kind, you have to sort of be in love with each other’s brain,” Alex reflected, “There are always going to moments when disaster strikes and its about how you handle it, and we’re really lucky in that we get to handle it together.” Enjoy the video above to hear more about how they discover SRSLY moments and work together to bring them to life!

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