Comedy Duo the SRSLY Girls On Taking Creative Chances

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When it comes to paving the path of a webisode worthy moment, The SRSLY Girls mean serious business. Their ultimate talent is having the ability to see past an everyday scenario and then capture, process, and share its humor.  But getting there is no easy feat. Key tactics in discovering their SRSLY scripts include being brave, taking chances, and putting everything out there.  “Know that your first draft is probably going to be bad and you’re probably going to change a lot of it and that’s fine.  “You have to write the bad one to get to the good one” Alex shares.

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Danielle advised us that when it comes to figuring it all out, it is important to be patient and keep pushing yourself, no matter what happens. “When you’re making a web series, maybe the first couple episodes aren’t going to hit. But you have to keep going, keep creating, and keep finding your voice.” So if you’re a young writer that can’t seem to get it right, keep your head up and try again!  Check out the video above to hear more wise words from the young writing duo.

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