All the Spring Nails Trends You Need to Be Aware Of This Season

Rachel Adler


As spring weather finally starts to make itself known, it’s high time to freshen up your nail look of choice. Each season, we take a look to the latest trends to decide what we’ll be choosing at the salon or stocking up on for our personal collections as nail polish is an easy accessory to brighten up our look. This season is no different, with our spring nails ranging from gorgeous mint nail polish shades to simple nail art designs.

We’ve compiled some of our best nail design stories and nail polish trend guides to help you find what you’re looking for as you go shopping this season. Below, you’ll find links to the latest colors, best polish brands for your buck, and more. You’re very, very welcome.

8 Spring Nail Polish Colors For Your Prettiest Tips Yet
This polish guide is all you’ll need to take with you to the store for your prettiest manicures for the entire season. From gorgeous blues to the perfect nude, you’ll have everything you need to get through the warmer months.

8 Mint Nail Polish Shades We’re Springing For
We’ve been dreaming of mint nail polish all winter long, and now that it’s time to break out the spring pastels, we can finally wear the hue we’re so wild about. In this guide, we pull together our eight favorite mint nail polish shades to wear this season.

Spring Nail Designs: 5 Manicures You Can DIY
The spring runways were packed with all kinds of simple, DIY-able nail art, so why not try them at home? Whether it’s a French tip on the side of your nail instead of the top or you play with glitter for a half moon manicure, these nail designs will be sure to land on your Instagram page.

spring nails nicole miller All the Spring Nails Trends You Need to Be Aware Of This Season


The Best Nail Polish Brands At Every Price Point
Stumped about which nail polish brands will actually last? Never second guess yourself again after reading this guide to the best nail polish brands at every price point. From drugstore to luxury, we dish on which companies have the best staying power, best color, and best brushes for at-home manicures.

Simple Nail Art: Inspiration For Your Easiest Manicure Ever
We get it: Not everyone is an artist when it comes to the tiny canvases that are your nails. But, just because you’re not a painter doesn’t mean you can’t have cute nails! Here, we put together simple nail art that anyone — yes, anyone — can do.

Cutting Your Cuticles: What Salons Don’t Want You To Know
If you head to the nail salon regularly, you need to be knowledgable about what’s going on with your cuticles. Did you know that in some states it’s actually illegal to cut cuticles? Read this to learn what else you should know.

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Tuesday’s #NailCall: Pretty Pastel Manicures
Spring and pastel nail polish go hand in hand, and our readers are embracing the lighter side of lacquer. In this #NailCall, the ladies of Instagram sent in their prettiest pastel manicures, and you’re sure to be inspired.

Pastel Nail Polish: The New Hues Perfect For Spring
Now that you know you want pastel nail polish, you need to find out ones you should actually use. Look at our guide to the new nail polish colors out this season to keep yourself on top of your manicure game.

spring nails au jour le jour All the Spring Nails Trends You Need to Be Aware Of This Season


What’s Next For Nail Art, According to a Top Fashion Week Manicurist
So you love crazy nail art, but you want to know if you’re the only one. We spoke with one of the top manicurists backstage at Fashion Week to get her take on what’s next in nail art.

Learn How to Make the Most Of Your Negative Space Manicure
Have you tried the negative space manicure trend yet? Brush up on your nail art skills with these tips on making the most of your negative space manicure.

How to Make Your Nails Dry Faster
What good is a DIY manicure if you smudge after moving too quickly before your nails dry? Avoid smudged, dinged disasters from the start with these genius tips for how to make your nails dry faster.

spring nails prabal gurung All the Spring Nails Trends You Need to Be Aware Of This Season