Spring Nail Designs: 5 Manicures You Can DIY

Augusta Falletta

Spring practically begs for pretty, easy nail art, and luckily, we’ve got plenty of inspiration. The fashion week runways were packed with simple nail art for spring, and we’re sure even the least artistic nail art lovers can handle these manicures at home. Take a look at five of our favorite spring nail designs below, plus learn how to do them on your own!

girl with nail art

Photo by Anna Webber/Stringer Images

To get this look from Tibi, paint your nails with two coats of a light grey-blue polish like Jin Soon’s Kookie White. Then, with a striper brush, use a dark polish to draw a thin vertical line down your middle finger, then a horizontal line across your index and ring fingers. The art is so simple, but it makes for a cool impact.

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girl with nail art

Image via Imaxtree

Sometimes the best nail art comes from the simplest colors. Use a nude polish as a base, then with a striper brush and black nail polish, paint a ‘C’ shape from the center of your cuticle towards the outside of your nail (towards your pinkie finger) and up to the center of the tip of our nail.

girl carrying purse

Image via Imaxtree

For nail art that makes you want to be in the ocean, try these blue ombre stiletto tips. After filing your nails into a point, paint them with a clear coat of polish. With navy nail polish, paint a straight line across the top of your nail. With a lighter blue polish, paint the tip of your nails with a ‘V’ shape, leaving a hint of navy polish visible in the peak.

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glitter nail art

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Stringer Images

We love this glitter half moon look for its simplicity. Paint your nails with two coats of nude polish, then at the center of the cuticle, paint in a ‘V’ shape with the glitter polish of your choosing. The best part about glitter is that it doesn’t need to be precise, so this manicure is easy enough for everyone.

nude and black nail art

Image via Imaxtree

This nail art just looks so classy, right? Get your black striper brush ready for this one. Paint your nails with a nude base, then use the striper brush to paint a black French tip and a black half moon on each nail. The end result is stunning.