Sponsored Post: Axe Twist Giveaway


Beauty Bloggerati Spotlight Sponsored Post: Axe Twist Giveaway

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Is there really anything better when your man smells good? Whether you like your guy to smell fruity, musky or just plain natural, a sweet smelling dude is a may-jah turn on. And the new Axe Twist products provide just the right amount of fresh scents that are clean smelling and unisex to boot! 

Now granted when I spritzed the body spray on myself I didn’t have a hoard of men tearing my clothes off like some of the Axe commercials promise but I did enjoy the fragrance and I got a ton of compliments on how I smelled. One of my friends even accused me of being late to her birthday party because I was “rolling around in the sheets with my man.” When I told her that no, in fact this was not the case, she said, “Then why do you smell like a boy!”

When I explained to her what I was doing she totally understood, and even asked me if she could try it!

The AXE Twist collection includes a Deodorant Bodyspray (4 oz, $4.99),
Deodorant Stick (3 oz, $4.99), Antiperspirant Stick (2.7, $4.99) and
Shower Gel (12 oz, $3.99).

And for one week you have the chance to win the entire Axe Twist Collection! Just leave a message in the comments section to enter. Tell us why you should try Axe. Or if you or your man wears Axe what effect the fragrance has on you. Be sure to leave your email address too.

This contest is open to US residents only and it ends at noon on Monday the 19th.