Instagram Insta-Glam: The Split Hair Trend

Sable Yong
Instagram Insta-Glam: The Split Hair Trend
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We know how difficult it is to make up your mind, especially when it comes to things of relative permanence, à la hair color. So why settle for just one color? Better yet, why not just plop them both on your head evenly so that one doesn’t appear to be more in favor than the other? Such is the “split hair” trend. We’re not talking about your damaged ends—that’s a whole other story.

“Split hair” is something you’ve seen on the likes of Cruella de Vil or Harvey “Two-Face” Dent and generally has a graphic novel appeal. However, we’ve been noticing—on Instagram, of course—how all of you are sporting this hair color trend with every and any color and looking amazing while doing it. Still apprehensive by the concept of split hair? Take a look—and we don’t blame you for doing a double-take.

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@jelkajpg's Instagram feed pretty much reflects her hair perfectly... or maybe it's the other way around. Who cares! It's pretty much black and white minimalist perfect.

What's black and white and red all over (kind of)? @acslater27 in this perfect IG of her split hair.

Mint green and candy pink? Pretty much the perfect summery ice cream colors on @astridrose_.

Check out @ghoulqueen_'s feed to see LOTS more split hair colors on her head, but we are digging this "natural" brunette/black hair combo. It reminds us of a really chic teacup yorkie.

Monochrome? Why not? @mae_lane has her black and blue DOWN, with her cute two-tone bangs.

Fuchsia and green makes for a really fun punk look on @nessadear007.

We love the vivid contrast of hot pink and bright blue on @samuraisessions.

@taiga_ichihara's lavender and black split hair looks like something out of a fairy tale.

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