SPF 100+, Really?

Rachel Adler

As summer is fast approaching (pretty pretty please, we’re so sick of this rain and 50 degree weather), sunscreen will become even more of a staple in your morning routine.

Lately though, sunscreen companies have been releasing lotions with higher and higher SPF numbers causing some confusion for consumers. I mean, I have fair skin and typically wear an SPF 45. If I were to go to the store for new sunscreen and saw the shelf stocked with SPFs 70, 85, and the Neutrogena’s newest 100+, I would think I wasn’t doing enough for my skin.

But, according to an article from The New York Times, consumers should worry more about wearing enough sunscreen, several doctors said, rather than how high their SPF is. So, don’t be like my grandmother who would just buy something for the higher price because she thinks it’s better quality. Just make sure that you are putting at least an ounce of sunscreen on (that’s an entire shot glass, every time you apply lotion).

Now, let’s hope it stays dry for the next few days so we can actually go outside!!