Spa Etiquette

Megan Segura

While still on holiday in Bali, I have decided to take a grand tour of all the fantastic spas in the area of Seminyak and get myself buffed, scrubbed, rubbed, polished, painting, wrapped and steamed all in the name of beauty. While doing this I have noticed a few things about spa etiquette and want to share them with you so the next time your pampering yourself the experience will be a peaceful and clean one.

First off when going to a spa make sure you start off clean. If you have just come from the gym or rolled in off the beach please take a quick shower. This is good for a few reasons and the main one being you don’t want your skin to break out. If sweat, salt water or sunscreen is all over your dirty bod and you lay down to have different special oils and creams rubbed into your skin it may cause blemishes. Cleansed skin will really absorb the beneficial properties in the different treatments you may be getting. Another good rule is don’t get a scrub after a sunburn. I accidentally had a little sunburn on the back of my knees and calves and decided to go for the full body polish only to waste the time cringing in pain when she was buffing the backs of my legs. It seriously took all the relaxation out of it.

Bring panties to the party for those of you trying spa treatments in other countries. Some places encourage full nudity during treatments and some rather you keep a little thong on for modesty. Just feel out the situation when you get there and ask what they prefer. For ladies who are spa’ing together please keep your chatter to a low whisper when getting your mani/pedi’s. Not all of us want to hear how last nights limbo party went.

Last is show up early so all the rest of the days appointments don’t get backed up. This way you will get the full time booked and it’s a perfect opportunity to get sucked into buying all those yummy creams, candles and other spa knickknacks available.