Soko Glam Just Previewed the Coolest-Looking Sheet Mask for Dry Skin

Soko Glam Just Previewed the Coolest-Looking Sheet Mask for Dry Skin
Photo: ImaxTree

There’s no shortage of face masks on the market, but without fail, we’re always excited to try a new one. In fact, the abundance of choices, from sheet to clay, is actually perfect because there’s bound to be one that matches our exact needs.

Speaking of needs, if you have dry skin or even rosacea, Soko Glam x SkinRx’s new sheet mask could be that dose of magic you’ve been searching for. Charlotte Cho, the co-founder and esthetician for Soko Glam (a site that houses top-notch K-Beauty brands), recently posted on  a boomerang of the packaging and we could literally hear the swishing of exposed formula at the bottom.

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Cho wrote in the caption that although not available to the public yet, the mask has already received rave reviews from testers who suffer from dry skin. She continued, “[It’s] also helpful for those in need of fortifying their skin barrier with something nourishing and soothing (key ingredient is madecassoside).”

That aforementioned ingredient is a molecule from the plant Centella Asiatica, usually found in tropical areas like India and Southeast Asia. It’s been proven, according to PhaMix, to increase collagen synthesis, control inflammation and inhibit production of enzymes that break down the skin’s framework. In other words, it does all good things.

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Along with natural ingredients to make your skin glow, SkinRx is also cruelty-free brand, which means there’s no shame in stocking up big time when it’s released. While you’re waiting for the mask of your dreams to come out, peruse the rest of Soko Glam’s cult-favorites like Cosrx’s Triple C Lightning Liquid and Missha’s Mild Essence Sun Milk. You won’t regret it.