IRL Inspo For Powdery Soft Pastel Hair That Even Minimalists Will Love

IRL Inspo For Powdery Soft Pastel Hair That Even Minimalists Will Love
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To be honest, there’s one very specific red carpet look I still randomly think about from this year’s award season. Thanks to the gut-wrenching “Shallow” and her work in A Star is Born, Lady Gaga might as well have been permanently attached to the red carpet because she didn’t miss one. Rightfully so, she did the damn thing in her big screen debut and with much acclaim, comes many fashion and beauty moments to decide on between January and February, including the soft pastel hair color permanently stuck in my head.

Though many expected Gaga to embrace her eccentric side as she’s done in the past (remember the meat dress?), it was pretty much the opposite this year, starting with the Golden Globes. Instead of alligator heels and barely-there fabrics, the award-winning triple threat opted for an icy blue Valentino Couture gown which she paired with hair in a nearly identical shade. It quickly became one of my favorite award season looks because while her head-to-toe look was generally Old Hollywood glam, she still gave you a tiny dose of Gaga with her pastel strands. Plus the softness of her blue hair wasn’t so stark and in-your-face; it actually looks elegant.

lady gaga blue hair IRL Inspo For Powdery Soft Pastel Hair That Even Minimalists Will Love


So when Edward Tricomi told me that he predicated an array of “powder blue, powder pink, rose, and blonde” would be dominating Instagram this summer, I felt a sense of satisfaction while also being completely unsurprised. Pastels in the traditional sense aren’t going anywhere–especially during festival season–but it was only a matter of time before the look evolved into other variations. In this case, I’m talking about softer, muted versions of bold shades (like Gaga’s powder blue) that even a minimalist would feel comfortable wearing.

Of course, deciding on a hair color usually starts with inspiration. Keep scrolling for 25 Instagram-approved ways to approach unconventional color in a more subtle way.

Lilac season has arrived.

Unicorn strands.

Peachy keen.

Bubblegum dreams.

Pretty in purple.

Light denim blue.

Mermaid vibes.

Mint condition.

Just a few strands.

A unicorn blonde.

TWA, but make it pink.

A low-key peach.

Blended bob.

Rose gold waves.

Barely-there lilac.

A soft pink.

Ombre jade.

Light lavender.

Melting ice.

Rose gold and bubblegum pink.

In living coral.

Blonde with a pink twist.

Platinum blue.

Plum riot.

Muted baby blue.

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