Beauty Buzz: Acne Remedies From Sofia Vergara’s Facialist, Hairstyles For Fine Hair, More

Augusta Falletta

sofia vergara

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1. It may sound strange, but if it works for Sofia Vergara, it works for us. Here’s her facialist’s best tip for preventing acne DIY style. [Daily Makeover]

2. Is “tortoiseshell” hair the latest version of ombre? Decide for yourself. [Grazia Daily]

3. Hairstyles for fine hair? We’ll take one of each, please. [Refinery 29]

4. Quick, simple solutions to the most common skin problems. [Real Simple]

5. That orange lip we’ve been seeing all over the runways? Here’s how to wear it for fall. [The Beauty Department]

Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images