Sofia Richie Just Swapped Her Lob for Super-Long Hair Extensions

Sofia Richie Just Swapped Her Lob for Super-Long Hair Extensions
Photo: Getty Images

We won’t beat around the bush: We’re fairly convinced that the celebrity community grouped together as a whole and decided that lobs were out and super-long hair extensions were in. We mean, after seeing Bella Hadid, Jenna Dewan, and Selena Gomez all trade their short hair for fuller, longer looks in the same week, we were onto it. But this morning, our conspiracy was officially confirmed when Sofia Richie (Instagram’s favorite choppy-lob wearer) debuted her longest hairstyle to date.

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And the 18-year-old didn’t opt for chest-length, beachy waves a la Dewan—Richie got a crazy-long, super-blonde high ponytail. Wearing a baggy Illinois sweatshirt and a full face of makeup, Richie captioned the photo, “Next stop 🇯🇲.” Whether the extensions were for a night out in New York or in preparation for a trip to Jamaica is unclear, but one thing’s for sure: We’re pretty damn into her new look, and it’s giving us hella-Britney-circa-2001 vibes.

Between the thousands of Instagram comments that pertain to Richie’s on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber are praises of approval: One user wrote, “Long hair suits u 😍😍😍,” and another who commented, “This hairstyle is 😵😵😍 I love it.” At this rate, it looks like hair extensions are here to stay—and considering how pretty this week’s crop has been, we’re definitely not complaining. We’ll be paying close attention as to whether or not Richie keeps her clip-in ponytail intact.