Snow White Nails

Rachel Adler

Do you remember when you used to sit in class in 2nd grade and color your fingernails with white out? And think it was the best thing in the world?

Well, the other day Tia Shipman, one of our gorgeous SC models came in with a brand new manicure— and white nail polish. And I couldn’t stop staring, I love the new snow white trend!

It’s popping up on celebs everywhere as well. Gabrielle Union had a creamy shade for a red carpet event, Natasha Bedingfield was spotted flashing her new engagement ring with icy white fingernails, and even Serena on Gossip Girl was last seen with bright white nails.

Try it in the Lippmann Collection’s Rhapsody in White ($15) or OPI’s Fit for a Queensland ($8.50), my two faves.