This Viral Beauty Hack Will Change the Way You Get Manicures

This Viral Beauty Hack Will Change the Way You Get Manicures
Photo: Imaxtree

Just when you thought we were done with flower crown filters and creepy face-swaps, an innovative 18-year-old in Texas has found a seriously smart way to use Snapchat—and it’ll change the way you get manicures.

Emma Young, a teen high school graduate (and possible genius) came up with the clever real world application for Snapchat Stickers. While visiting a salon to get her nails done, Young decided to use the app to trial different colors. Because physically trying on the nail polish color at a salon before your manicure is basically out of the question, instead she took a photo of the shade, and used Snapchat to see what it would look like IRL.

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“I was looking at the nail options, and the nail salon I go to has them glued inside the book so you can’t put your finger under it to see how it looks,” Young tells Buzzfeed. Remembering that Snapchat allows you to make your own custom stickers, she picked a color, took a photo of one of the fake nails in that shade, turned it into a sticker, and used her phone to see what  it would look like on her hand. The whole process took less than a minute.

Snapchat Filter Manicure Trick

Photo: Twitter user @em_young_

Emma tried four different shades and then, understandably impressed with her idea, shared the beauty hack on Twitter—where the teen was basically labeled a wunderkind. In just a few days the manicure trick has received almost 100,000 retweets and 260,000 likes.


Buzzfeed reports that Young ended up going with a mink grey color, by the way. And if you’re sitting at the office wondering what your nails would like a different shade, you can always try an app like ShadeScout or ModiFace that lets you virtually “try on” hundreds of different colors, no Snapchat Sticker required.