Slumdog Millionaire Makeover


I went to see Danny Boyle’s smashed-up, heart-breaking, Oscar worthy film, Slumdog Millionaire last night. For two hours I squirmed in my seat as the protagonist was beaten, orphaned, deserted by his brother, and then eventually rewarded with ten million rupees and the love of his life. It was an experience to say the least. Love stories are my Achilles’ heel and Slumdog Millionaire was a prime example. Despite my heart being torn apart for two hours, the end kiss (not to mention the phenomenal Bollywood-style dance scene) was all I needed for it be healed.

Despite the psychedelic and sometimes headache-inducing visuals, yours truly did not miss the heroine’s fantastic eyeliner in the final scene. When everyone else in the theater was focusing on the interlocking lips, I couldn’t take my eyes off, well, her eyes. The smudged, almost natural looking eyeliner is a look that I love but very rarely achieve. So this morning I did a little research and called my friend from Delhi and asked her what brand she uses. She told me that she imports hers, of course, but when in a bind Benefits Bad Girl black eyeliner works almost as well.

If only the perfect eyeliner could get me the million dollars and life-altering love story that I’ve been looking for…


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