Slimming Secrets Using Self-Tanner

Megan Segura


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Bikini weather is here, and if you have been a good girl and been exercising regularly and eating clean, you are ready for it. Now if you have been a bad girl and let your bod slide a little, don’t worry. You are not alone, and I have a few body slimming secrets for you using nothing but good old self-tanner. My tricks will make you look like you have been on point, even if you have not seen the inside of a gym in forever!

First off, you want to find a great self-tanner that is easy to apply like St. Tropez Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion ($30, Now lay out your tools on your bathroom counter that includes a moist washcloth, a few non-latex sponges, Q-Tips, a cup of white sugar, and a good hand soap. Now jump in the shower and prep yourself by giving your body a good exfoliation using white sugar, not a body scrub product. Body scrubs often contain skin conditioning oils that will limit the self tanner from fully absorbing into the skin, while white sugar will buff your body and leave no residue.

Towel off and smooth on the self tanner all over, starting at the neck and working your way down to the feet. After you have completely blended the self-tanner on, scrub your hands with soap and white sugar, and then grab the moist washcloth and buff it over elbows, knees, tops of hands and feet. This will eliminate streaky buildup of tan on rougher skin areas.

Now it’s tip time. To best apply self-tanner to the face, use a non-latex sponge and blend the self-tanner on like you would foundation. This will allow for a precise application. Pick up a clean Q-Tip and gently roll it under the eyes to absorb some of the tanner so you will have a lighter effect under the eyes, helping with dark circles. Now let the self-tanner dry completely, so the slimming tricks can begin.

Grab a pair of high heels and put them on. Squeeze some self tanner onto a clean non-latex sponge and gently trace the muscle indentation along your legs that stand out when in stilettos. This will create a more contoured look, giving the illusion of well-toned legs. Now stand in front of a mirror and trace the tanner-dipped sponge on either side of your stomach to create a defined waist. Flex your arms and trace along any muscled areas, and then finally apply a little in the cleavage area to accentuate the girls. Now for the face suck in your cheekbones and sweep the self-tanner soaked sponge in the hollows of the cheeks, and if you have a bit of a double chin stick out your jaw and sweep along the jaw-line. All of this tracing with the extra self-tanner on the sponge will help slim the face and body creating a fit and fabulous look for summer, and no sweat required.

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