Beauty Recipe: Slicked Back Hair

Michelle Grossman
slicked back hair


Whether it’s on the runway or the red carpet, we can’t deny that we’ve been seeing a slicked back hairstyle trend all over lately. It’s edgy and sleek, making it the perfect accessory for a special night out. The trick for pulling off this hairstyle in real life, however, is managing to keep your slicked back hair still full of volume. That way, you get the best of both worlds. Walking this fine line between the two styles can be tricky, though, so we’ve put together a few tips for getting the slicked back hairstyle just right for every day wear.

Mousse: Start with damp (not soaking wet) hair and run mousse through the crown of your head. This step is essential for creating the wet look, as well as adding some texture.

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Blowdryer: Let your hair air-dry for the most part, but when it’s about 70 percent of the way dry, it’s then time to pick up the blow dryer. Use a brush to pull hair straight up at the root to get volume, then continue through to the ends of your hair to straighten out kinds and smooth your hair. For the slicked back look like this one (with no part in sight) blow dry hair by bringing it towards the back of your head, which will help shape the final look.

Paddle Brush: Once your hair is dry, gently smooth it over with a paddle brush. Brush the front of your hair straight back, making sure you are getting rid of any bumps or tangles. Push hair up a bit at the crown for extra volume — you don’t want it to be completely flat.

Hairspray: Spritz some long-hold hairspray over the paddle brush, then lightly drag the brush over your hair again. This will help make sure your style stays in place as long as it should!