Why Slick Woods Doesn’t Recommend Bald Women Put Foundation on Their Foreheads

Slick Woods
Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to makeup, Slick Woods knows her stuff. As a face for Rihanna‘s fan-favorite beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, the 21-year-old model is used to doing her own glam—and doing it well. So when Woods filmed a tutorial for her signature “Fenty Face,” we knew that she was going to drop some serious beauty secrets, such as why she doesn’t put foundation on her forehead.

In a three-minute video on Fenty Beauty’s YouTube channel, Woods does a full face of makeup using only Fenty Beauty products. And though not all of Woods’s secrets were surprising (though we did love how she blended her foundation with the handle of her brush), one tip in particular caught our attention. When applying Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r foundation, Woods paused before explaining why she only applies an extremely sheer layer of foundation on her forehead.

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Known for her beautiful bald head and signature gap teeth, Woods explained that, as someone who is bald, applying too much foundation on her forehead can leave her skin looking ashy. To avoid this, Woods flips her makeup sponge around to the less-soaked side and applies just enough foundation to cover her blemishes but not so much that her head will look ashy afterward.

“I don’t know about all my other bald girls, but when I use foundation I try not to use a lot on my forehead, because I feel like it makes you look ashy,” Woods said. “Keep it light up there—turn the egg around if you have to.”

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There you have it, folks. Slick Woods’s secret for dewy, non-ashy coverage.