Here’s How to Skip A Post-Workout Shampoo

Shannon Farrell
how to skip a post-workout shampoo

Photo: IMaxTree

We’re firm believers that even a five-minute workout has serious benefits. And with life as hectic as it is, sometimes that’s the most time we can commit to a daily sweat—and that doesn’t leave time for a post-workout shampoo. Turns out, we don’t need one; there are easy tricks that leave your hair looking gorgeous sans suds. Max Gierl, the senior stylist at Mizu New York Salon tell us how every hair type can skip a post-workout shampoo. These tips are seriously easy and seriously brilliant.

For fine hair…
Sweat is most obvious in fine hair as it’s easily weighed down. If the hair is only slightly wet, absorb residue with dry shampoo or baby powder. But if SoulCycle leaves your hair almost sopping every time, pack a mini dryer, like Babyliss pro Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Hair Dryer ($25). “Flip your head over and blow-dry your hair with your fingers,” says Gierl. “Then take a bit of baby powder rubbed in your hands and then at the roots to shake out any clumped-together hair from dried sweat.” If your hair is naturally oily, apply powder or dry shampoo on the roots before you work out too, he suggests. “The best way to prevent sweaty roots is by wearing a thick cotton headband because that will soak up most of your sweat.”

For wavy hair…
Sweat naturally creates texture, and with wavy hair, you can really use that to your advantage. “Use R+Co Rockaway Spray ($25) to ‘enhance’ the salty sweat and create more of a beachy look,” says Gierl. If the hair is excessively wet, use the blowdryer for 10-15 seconds. “Blowdry your hair with your fingers and flip your head over for more volume.”

For curly hair…
Because curly hair is dryer, frizz can be an issue. Use a leave-in conditioner, like Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($49). “It’s like a beauty cream for taming frizz. Plus, the cream’s beautiful fragrance will mask any sweat smells left over!”

For natural hair…
“This texture, which is typically coarse and thick, actually repels sweat and moisture naturally,” say Gries. You’ll most likely only need a spritz or two of hair perfume, like Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist ($20) to mask any odor. If the hair does feel damp, Griel recommends keeping the hair up in a bun until it dries. “Re-smooth just the front with a light gel or hair serum and part if necessary.”

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