The SPF That Saved My Skin This Summer

Rachel Adler

skinceuticals The SPF That Saved My Skin This Summer

When it comes to stripped-down, fresh summer makeup, I’m always on the hunt for an SPF that won’t leave my skin greasy and smelling like I came straight off the beach. Coconuts are great to drink, but not nearly as enjoyable to smell all over your face.

I don’t need to tell you that the hunt is hard—at this point it feels as though everything I slather on leaves me with that disgusting oil-slick feeling (that somehow takes multiple washes to scrub off), or even worse, broken out. That all changed when I discovered Skinceuticals’ Physical Matte UV Defense ($34).

With an SPF of 50, an ever-so-soft tint and a magical mattifying effect, this has become my ultimate go-to for summer. I can apply it under my makeup to act as a dual SPF and primer, and rest assured that I won’t end up oily an hour later. The tint evens out my skin tone, blurring out my pores and redness in the process.

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It has, of course, been in my bag all summer long for every pool day, and instead of being self-conscious during sunscreen touch-ups, this SPF actually makes your skin look better post-application. You’ll want to reapply just to make sure you’re not too shiny during a hot day, which, I know, is practically unheard of.

To fully understand the power of this sunscreen, you should know that I was first introduced to it by a friend, and I then proceeded to steal it from her bag and take it home with me. Who steals a sunscreen? This girl—when it’s that good.

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