This Face Serum is France’s Newest Beauty Secret

Susie G

summer time 30ml This Face Serum is Frances Newest Beauty Secret

One of the latest beauty brands to take the beauty market of France by storm is CODAGE. Created by brother-sister duo Julien and Amandine Azencott, this new beauty brand believes “in an effective yet simple 4-steps skincare routine to offer the best efficiency,” according to beauty blog JolieBox. The blog also mentions that CODAGE is very heavy on providing their customers complete nutrition for the skin with products that uses well-researched and tested ingredients as well as offering customized regimes to cater to all skin types.

The 4-step skincare routine includes a cleanser, a serum filled with nutrition for the skin (or what the brand calls “Nutri-Out”), a protecting cream and dietary supplements to help your skin from the inside-out (appropriately labeled as “Nutri-In”).

Sounds like a smart beauty regime to us. But what’s really got our attention is the new special edition face serum for the summer season aptly called Summer Time which we’ve discovered thanks to the ultra hip Parisians over at colette.

Specifically created to help protect the largest organ of your body from seasonal elements like heat, pollution, dehydration and repeated sun exposure, the serum triggers natural defenses in your body to create smoother skin thanks to moisturizing and mattifying active ingredients (like anti-oxidants). With such a legit beauty product as the my CODAGE Summer Time face serum, it’s no wonder that colette even invited Julien Azencott to talk about the product and provide custom skincare regimes with the shop’s clientle this past weekend in Paris.

An added perk of this serum is that it will help your skin create an even and prolonged tan (now who doesn’t love that?) You’ll be happy to also know that brand’s active ingredients include fairly-traded, natural raw materials, and plant and mineral extracts that are kept fresh and not tested on animals — all on top of using hypo-allergenic solutions.

Just apply the serum at morning or night to the face and neck right after a good face cleanse, et voila! You just got yourself one step closer to better looking skin for the summer.

The my CODAGE Summer Time face serum is available now in a 15ml bottle for about $60 USD over on colette which thankfully ships internationally!

[via CODAGE via colette]