Skin Problems? Peter Thomas Roth Talks Step-By-Step Skincare Basics

Rachel Adler

Skin can be anything but easy to maintain and it’s unfortunately the first thing people see when they meet us. On those days when all you want to do is hide because you have a huge pimple, horrible under eye bags or blotchy cheeks, but you are forced to face the world, there’s hope to be had.

We’ve asked top skincare expert and founder of the skincare line by the same name, Peter Thomas Roth, how to break down the basics of our skincare routine and get it under control if anything, for a girl’s sanity. Check out the beauty tips below and make that summer beauty transition all the smoother.

StyleCaster: For a person with “normal” skin (an occasional breakout) what should their daily skincare routine consist of?

1. Cleanse with an anti-aging cleanser (like Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel) twice a day.
2. Scrub/exfoliate one to two times per week.
3. Treat with a spot treatment for the occasional breakouts (Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot and Area Treatment).
4. Moisturize and protect the skin in the morning with a moisturizer that contains SPF of at least 30.
5. Peel as needed. usually at night but morning and night if need be.

And for a person with more severe acne?

1. Wash every day, morning and evening with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid.
2. Scrub and exfoliate daily.
3. Peel daily right after cleansing your face, use after the gym, etc. (Peter Thomas Roth Max or Gentle Complexion Correction Pads).
4. Treat all over night and day with a clearing serum/gel.
5. Spot treat active breakouts and use as needed once or twice a day.
6. Use a masque to unclog pores. Use 2-3 times a week all over face.
7. Moisturize and protect skin with an oil-free moisturizer containing at least SPF. 30 only use if skin becomes dry/flaky or slightly red.
8. Take away the shine with a mattifier a must-have on your face before makeup.

We noticed there’s quite a bit of exfoliation recommended. Is it important to exfoliate? How often should we do so, and is there such a thing as too often?
Exfoliation is a key component of any skincare routine, regardless of skin type. It helps refine and retexturize the skin’s surface, allowing for better penetration of treatment products. You can over exfoliate too. If your face becomes red or irritated, you are over exfoliating, so listen to your face it will tell you to stop.

Is toner really necessary? What does it do for our skin? Can it be drying?
Toners remove excess residue and help restore skin to its natural Ph level, allowing skincare products to penetrate better. Every toner is different, so some are drying, especially ones that contain alcohol. It has become less popular to use a toner and not as necessary with all the new technologies out there today.

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Skin guru, Peter Thomas Roth. Photo:

There are many kinds of eye creams out on the market today. At what age should we start applying them daily for anti-aging benefits? Do these same creams help reduce under eye puffiness?
It’s never too early to start caring for the skin around your eyes, as that’s where aging can begin to show first! In your twenties is when most women should start using eye creams. Only eye creams that claim under eye puffiness help reduce puffiness, so make sure to read the package. I believe targeted products are the most effective. My Un-Wrinkle Eye, for example, was created to specifically target fine lines and deep wrinkles and expression lines around the eye area, whereas my Power K Eye Rescue targets dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

I admit sometimes, I’m somewhat of a product junkie. What one product do you recommend for daily use and why?
Daily use of an SPF product is very important to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tone!

Peter Thomas Roth is the CEO of Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care. He launched the company in 1993 after improving many of his family’s formulas from two spa hotels that they owned in Hungary. He is actively involved in stressing superb quality control and progressive new product development in the company-owned lab and production facility. The skin care line is available at elite spas and select retail locations worldwide.

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