The World of Dr. Jart+: More Than Just BB Creams!

Julia DiNardo

Everyone has been talking about these beauty balm (BB) cream products, including BeautyHigh; a unique hybrid of concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen packed into one tubed item (moisturizes, protects, and corrects-yes!). In fact, people have become downright obsessed with them, and the Dr. Jart+ dermatological cosmetic brand is leading the way with their Water Fuse and Premium Beauty Balms, which just landed in the U.S. this June!

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Although the brand and its offerings are brand spanking new here, they have been been revolutionizing the skin care market for quite some time in Korea, as we recently learned at the BB Balms launch event. The brand is fully dedicated to skin recovery and improvement while remaining free of harmful substances. The core tenants of Dr. Jart+’s use of scientific and bionic studies result in technology that brings the best knowledge out there on antioxidants, intense moisture, the diffusion of UV rays, anti-allergy protection, PH control, and regenerative cell activation to its products.

The full product range (pictured below) includes everything you would expect from a quality derm line including the Acne-X skin care regimen, sun, eye, and lip care, For Men product offerings, and much more. One of the categories that we were becoming very giddy about were the face masks (seen on the top row of the below image), which includes both regular hand-applied liquid and sheet face masks, along with their ultra-popular sleep mask, set to launch next for the brand’s U.S. debut.

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Last, we leave you with a fun fact: there is no “Dr. Jart”! The brand was founded in 2004 by Korean dermatologist Dr. Sung-Jae Jung, and is currently comprised of 21 leading Korean dermatologists who work on the research and development of the brand. The name is actually derived from the founder’s first initial (J), combined with the word art (Jart). The plus sign (+) at the end comes from the combination of the three principles that underlie the brand: Science + Beauty + Trust.

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