Why Garance Dore Won’t Use Tap Water

Amanda Elser

The French always seem to have the most interesting remedies for any ailment you could have. But when sartorial blogger and illustrator extraordinaire, Garance Dore, went to her dermatologist about a little case of combination skin even she thought her doctor’s advice was a little extreme. She was told to cut water out of her beauty routine – cold turkey.

It goes against virtually everything we have ever been told about skin care. Don’t wash your face with water? What other alternative could you possibly have? Well, Garance’s doctor gave her a three step regime (if only we could limit our morning routine to three products), which included amilk makeup remover Hydrabio Lait,Avne’s Thermal Spring Water and the moisturizing cream Ictyane H.D. “for severe dry skin.”

She claims her bathroom is depressing, but the results have been positive.

“But quite quickly, the shine started going down. My skin started to get more supple, clearer and even if it shined a little (it’s just how it is, so stupid.), it was at its healthiest… It looked pretty.And plus I adore, I meanadore not using water! Well, just because I actually use water… but only thegood water. Not bad tap (baaaad, bad tap!!!) And when I spray my Thermal Spring Water on my face, it’s a total beauty orgasm moment, like in the cheesiest L’Oral ads.”

If only we could all afford to only wash our face with spring water.

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