Transition Your Skin for Fall: Tips From Guru Jason Ascher

Rachel Adler

The first day of fall officially begins on Friday, but we’ve already started to pull out our sweaters, scarves and boots. If you’re a beauty junkie, this means you’ve also started to think about changing up your products for the season as well.

We spoke with Barneys New York beauty guru, Jason Ascher the other day to find out what we need to do as the season’s change. Read on below to find out!

Use a heavier moisturizer only where you need it:

Press a heavier moisturizer into the areas that are most affected by the colder weather. I like to just tap it in.

Transition your skin before it gets too cold:

I’m not big on physical exfoliants and scrubs. Gentle pads are easier on the skin and won’t cause redness. Also, get a good lip balm and a good SPF – you need SPF even in the cold weather.

Get a facial as the season’s change:

At the top of every season my dermatologist suggests a facial. Or you can use a face brush (like Shiseido’s) to help the exfoliation along).

And finally, Jason’s top 3 must-haves for Fall:

A great tinted moisturizer, SPF, and a good lip balm (I love by Terry)