Top Picks: Eco-Friendly Shaving Creams

Julia DiNardo

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It seems as though there are more and more eco friendly products on the shelves these days (we love it!). It’s great to see more health and hygiene companies growing an eco-conscious by becoming in tune with natural, organic ingredients and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. The brands participating in this movement have certainly grown, as well as, the ease of walking into any drugstore or big box retailer and picking up a variety of products that meet this criteria. The shaving creamcategory is no exception, with options available at a range of price points. Below you will find our top picks for an eco friendly shave.

106390 1291212490 Top Picks: Eco Friendly Shaving Creams

What It Is: eos Shave Cream
Why Its Great: Eos, which stands for The Evolution of Smooth, just sounds like something you want to partake in while shaving! The lavender jasmine scents are two relaxing aromas that will aid in creating an indulgent satisfying shaving experience, with incredible moisture that allows you to shave wet or dry. Ingredients include antioxidant Vitamins E and C, Natural aloe, oat and shea butter. Eos isnt tested on animals, nor includes any animal-by-products.
Price: $4.99
Available:, Duane Reade, drugstores nationwide

106389 1291212490 Top Picks: Eco Friendly Shaving Creams

What It Is: Alba Botanica Moisturizing Foam Shave
Why Its Great: Alba offers three types of shaving creams: the moisturizing cream shave, the Hawaiian moisturizing cream shave, and the moisturizing foam shaves our favorite is the latter for its aerosol-free dispersion and ultra silky foam thats meant to seriously soften the hair and prevent razor clogs. Ingredients include organic aloe vera, Vitamin E and peppermint, and calendula and come in scents such as Aloe Mint and Sea Mist.
Price: about $6

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What It Is: Kiss My Face Moisture Shaves
Why Its Great: A pioneer in the category of environmentally-friendly, organic health and beauty products, Kiss My Face Moisture Shaves come in two sizes (the smaller 3.4oz is perfect for travel), and seven scents, with our favorite being the Lavender/Shea Moisture Shave. Chock full of natural essential oils, extracts and vitamins, kiss that razor-burn goodbye and get ready for a light yet saturating formula that includes Lady’s mantle, sage, horsetail, and orange flower that act as astringents, olive and coconut oils for added moisture, and soapwort for lathering.
Price: $4.99 for the 3.4oz, $7.95 for the 11oz
Available: Bed Bath & Beyond,, Whole Foods

106392 1291212492 Top Picks: Eco Friendly Shaving Creams

What It Is: Pacific Shaving All Natural Shaving Cream
Why Its Great: For those with sensitive skin issues, this product is hypoallergenic and paraben-free, and also contains natural and certified organic ingredients such as aloe, organic shea butter fruit, white tea, and orange essential oil. Although this is the priciest option, a little goes a long way you can get up to 40 shaves out of the 3 oz jar!
Price: $8.99