Summer Skincare Savior: Dr. Colbert’s Triad Facial

Rachel Adler

Maintaining flawless skin during the summer months is not always easy. We can pretend that we don’t sweat, or that we “glow” — but when it comes down to it, there’s just not much you can do when it’s 10,000 degrees outside. But, that sticky sweaty stuff isn’t actually what causes you to break out, it’s the dirt and grime that is on your face (gross, I know) that actually clogs your pores. That’s why in the summer it helps to wear lighter makeup, to let your skin breathe.

This past week I have been on the search for a bit of a skin refresher, as the temps have gone sky high in the city and my face was taking a beating. Then I ran into Sinead Norenius, founder of Beautisol and couldn’t get over her glowing skin, and she let me in on her secret: Triad Facials from Dr. Colbert. I obviously scheduled an appointment, and I’m still reaping the benefits.

The Triad Facial has tons of celeb fans, from Sienna Miller to Adriana Lima. Dr. Colbert even told me that many of the Victoria Secret girls stop by for the facial right before they had out on the red carpet or runway–which is a big deal considering many people with sensitive skin worry about redness after a treatment. He describes the facial as a multi-faceted treatment which combines microdermabrasian, laser toning to energize the skin and promote collagen production and a light fruit-acid peel to help give your skin that glow.

My treatment took all of 30 minutes to complete, and my skin was literally glowing afterwards. But, what was better was it just improved in the coming days as the laser toning helps to boost your natural collagen and that comes out over time. Plus, I continued to use the Colbert MD products to help my results along. Dr. Colbert has five products in his line: a serum, a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream and facial discs (my favorite!). The creams are all extremely lightweight, and the facial disc is basically like microdermabrasian in a pad–it’s pure genius.

Lets just say that if all I have to do is stop by for a 30 minute facial treatment and follow up with a few creams for glowing skin, this is going to become a regular part of my skincare regimen.

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