Scientists Have Developed a Skin Cream to Cure Skin Cancer

Amanda Elser

A new breakthrough treatment developed by Italian scientists may mean that surgery for skin cancer is no longer needed. The treatment was tested on 700patients with basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma (both less aggressive forms of skin cancer). After one to three applications, 95 percent of patients were cured.

The reason that this spot treatment works is because basal cell carcinoma, the skin cancer caused by harmful UV rays and accounts for about 80 percent of skin cancer,isn’t metastatic – meaning it doesn’t spread to other organs in the body.

But even for the less aggressive forms of skin cancer, existing treatment still requires surgery, which results in scars — making this this new treatment very appealing.

Trials are still being held in Germany and Australia, but the cream could be available on the market in two years.

We aren’t sure how much we buy this new treatment idea, but it isn’t the first time that non-surgical spot treatments have been created. The one currently on the market is atechnique called photodynamic therapy (PDT), in which chemical cream is applied to the skin cancer tumor.

[NY Daily News]

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