Rihanna Strips Down For Nivea

Rachel Adler

117701 12991653072 Rihanna Strips Down For Nivea

In celebration of Nivea’s 100th birthday, the skincare brand has launched a new campaign called “100 Years Skincare For Life” with Rihanna as the face. The ad for the campaign has the nude star showing off her tattoos and red hair in a very sweet, yet sultry pose.

Nivea is trying to connect with its consumers and celebrate better skin care, and will do so by sponsoring Rihanna’s tour beginning at the end of May – what better way to celebrate? The campaign will concentrate on a series of global activities throughout the year as well as a multi-channel consumer digital campaign that’s aimed at a younger target group. Maybe they’re also targeting males as well, considering the nudey pic.

Photo Courtesy of Nivea