Product Obsession: St. Tropez Golden Glow Kit

Amanda Elser

We can hardly believe that it is already December, but snow is already in the forecast and my summer tan has long faded. But thankfully, St. Tropez has created the perfect sunless tanner for you to get a few shades of color this season.

Perfect for a last minute tan before your office holiday party or that winter vacation to Mexico, St. Tropez Golden Glow Kit (available exclusively at Sephora)it provides an instant tan with a smooth application and one of their famous Skin Illuminators to add some dimension to your color. Their Bonzing Mousse is easy to apply with their applicator mitt to ensure you get the streak-free and fast color that your pale legs were desperate for.

I tried this mousse at home and within minutes I was more tan than I had been after a summer full of weekends at the beach. So easy to apply, all you need is a mirror to ensure a streak-free application. Leave on your sunless tan and then wash off after four hours to reveal your natural bronze glow. But the best part about all of St. Tropez’s products? They work on everyone and every skin tone. The go-to sunless tanner for the runways, St. Tropez bronzing mousse will look great on ANYONE regardless of their color complexion. How much easier could self-tanning be?