Product Obsession: ARCONA Bronzer – Self Tanner

Julia DiNardo

It’s no exaggeration to say I am the fairest, or rather palest, of them all. The intense rays of the sun will only scorch my skin, then cause it to either peel or freckle– with no exception. Ghostly-white legs tend to be a big pet peeve of mine, so self tanner can come in handy to soften the glare that my borderline translucent legs give off. I gave the ARCONA Bronzer – Self Tanner, a good, sun-free canvas to test upon, and realized right off the bat that a little bit from this 4 ounce product goes a long way, as I was a bit too vigorous with the initial squirt and application.

Even so, the bronzer-self tanner is very lightweight and hydrating (but sans grease), hence I was relieved to quickly spread it around and absorb the excess liquid that didn’t look too shiny, brown, or smelled intensely like coconut, chemicals, or suntan lotion. It bronzes as it is applied, and instead of getting dramatically darker, the ARCONA Bronzer – Self Tanner tended to develop into a more natural, dewy glow instead of an obvious “fake bake” aesthetic. Formulated to provide non-toxic, non damaging DHA (dihydroxyacetone) self-tanning results, the ARCONA Bronzer – Self Tanner also includes Shea butter, Vitamin E and grape seed extract and works on all skin types.

Although I usually use a sponge to apply these kinds of products, this time around I simply used my hands, and had absolutely no staining or discoloration anywhere, nor did I find any around those “rough patches” on the legs (i.e. the backs of knees, ankles, or in between the toes). Finally, I feel a tad narcissistic as I lovingly gaze down at my legs and might sound believable when I boast to my co-workers that I spent the weekend poolside at a manse in the Hamptons, being fanned and fed organic grapes by cabana boys.

ARCONA Bronzer – Self Tanner, $32 at

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